Blockchain Governance Platform for Associations
The Challenge
Association or consortia bring benefit to their members in various ways. It can be cooperative procurement, for getting better prices. Or usage of shared resources, like transport, for service or internal operations.

The challenge is how to make a transparent, reliable and secure system for governance and management of such organizations. And here comes blockchain.

Solution architecture
Core of the system is Ethereum-based private blockchain. There's a set of additional app that stand on top of that including, but not limited to:
Governance & Voting

Permissions are distributed between 2 main roles: validators and users. Validators are elected trusted authorities, who manage the organization. They can vote for approval or decline of other validators, approve transactions and system forks.
Asset Management

Assets are tokenized and set to be owned by parties through wallets. In case of supply chain, tokens represent the goods and wallets represent the storages. So one track the location of particular item or pass the ownership on delivery.
Trading & Commerce

Finally comes the part, where such movements are commercialized. E.g. internal currency used for purchases inside the system, or the payment is taken for usage of shared resource. All of that is automated through the smart contracts.

UseCase: RecycleChain

RecycleChain is an open market for recyclables. Core of the system is the blockchain database, that's stored and synced between all users. It will hold next data:
• Amount, type and price of recycleables in possession of each player
• Ownership transactions in a form of smart contracts
• Trading balance in the internal blockchain currency (cryptocurrency)

More: Whitepaper