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Maitres is one of our Swedish clients, offering a restaurant booking app which allows users to make the reservation and pay right through their smartphones.

Maitres is a Swedish restaurant booking company that wanted to expand its service coverage in 2018 with an innovative, scalable, and user-friendly app. The company’s specialization is an end-to-end restaurant booking and bill payment system allowing restaurants and visitors to connect on an all-in-one digital platform. 

Partnership Overview 

4IRE was tasked with creating a mobile ordering app featuring all services of Maitres in a handy, user-friendly format. The project was technically challenging and faced numerous failures of previously hired software developers, so the 4IRE team had to conduct extensive research and development work to ensure that the final product met the client’s specifications. 

Fraud Detection and Verification 

Maitres previously faced the problem of fake card use in the app, which resulted in financial losses for the restaurants and eroded the app’s reputation. 4IRE team resolved this issue with a cutting-edge fraud detection solution. It helped the company conduct robust card verification and improve the app’s UX, allowing users to book a table and pay a bill in one click. 

Customizable UI/UX

The 4IRE team worked on the app’s UI customization and intuitive design to let users make reservations, add cards, and pay bills hassle-free. The ease of navigation contributed to good UX and increased the app’s adoption among Swedish users. 

B2C/B2B Service Stratification 

The Maitres team also intended to divide the service offerings and perks into B2C and B2B categories. Businesses joining the Maitres app’s list of partner restaurants received credits for bookings via Maitres, which they could accumulate to pay for the service use later. Customers also received bonus points for the Maitres app’s use, applying them later to pay for the restaurant bills.

Product Overview 

The Maitres app was successfully launched in 2020 and attracted $1.5 million in funding from Acast founders. The idea received positive acceptance in the Swedish restaurant industry, with 80+ businesses joining the Maitres ecosystem in 5 Swedish cities to offer end users a convenient booking and payment system. The app’s further improvements were planned together with the 4IRE team, including the API integration with POS systems, geographical coverage expansion to neighboring EU countries, and B2B invoicing functionality integration. 

Maîtres Presentation from Maîtres on Vimeo.

Location: Sweden
Team size: 5 team members
Date: August 2017
Industries Food Tech Technologies .NET Node.js

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