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Aztec Protocol

Aztec Protocol uses cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs to enable private transactions on Ethereum.

Aztec is a UK-based company operating in the Fintech and Web 3 sector. It provides a robust zero-knowledge privacy protocol for financial products. The Aztec protocol serves as a security guarantee for users wishing to conduct transactions on a blockchain without disclosing their transaction history and protecting their business data on Web 3.0.  

Partnership Overview 

The 4IRE team was invited to the Aztec project due to our broad experience in the area of Web 3.0 development and blockchain. The task was to complete full-stack development of the Aztec protocol in the best tradition of private blockchain design. We used the PLONK blockchain to develop v.1 of Aztec. A user-friendly SDK is easily integrated into any dApp with only one line of code, enabling users to enjoy the full range of security features on the blockchain. 

Product Overview 

The resulting product is a PLONK-powered private blockchain specifically suited for financial transactions. It provides high transaction speed, is fully compatible with DeFi products, and offers extensive customization due to the richness of features. An essential element of Aztec is three-tier privacy guaranteed to users: identity, balance, and code. The app also functions as a crypto fund manager, ensuring safe and confidential DAI and ETH transfers. 

Location: UK
Team size: 2+ team members
Date: March 2019 - July 2019
Industries Fintech Technologies Web3

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