Let Business Process Run the Smart Way
Permissioned blockchain is an extensively customizable digital environment allowing firms to organize the workflow and commercial activities the absolutely private, trustless and financially efficient way by leaving out intermediaries.

The development of such a system is a challenging, time-consuming process not only because of the complexity and elaborate functionality of the end product but also because of the freshness and ruggedness of the blockchain technology itself, as well as the lack of tools, libraries, etc.

At 4IRE labs, you get a team of senior blockchain developers, each with a proven experience, working in-house on turning your vision into reality. Estimate their skill, knowledge or dedication during the very first call.

Discovery Phase
MVP Development
Deep dive into the project, industry analysis, specifications development.
Team forming, engineering
Real Estate
10+ Years Engineering Experience

Managed Engineering Teams up to 40 people

In 2014 Co-Founded Ad-Tech Startup In Finland

Worked on high load projects, up to 50k QPS

Enterprise Blockchain Expert

Kirill Kirikov
9+ Years Engineering Experience

Worked on Board Computer (HMI) for Chrysler

Released More Than 100 apps

Ethereum Expert

Team Management (up to 30 members)

Bohdan Malkevych
10+ Years Product Design Experience

7+ Years Product Management Experience

Partner at Teal.ua

Vice-Curator at Global Shapers Kyiv Hub

ICO Advisor


P2P Lending

Assets Trading

Cross-Country Payments
Development for Tokens

Booking/Rent for Tokens

Digital Rights Management

Private Share
Development for Tokens

Booking/Rent for Tokens

Digital Rights Management

Private Share
Development for Tokens

Booking/Rent for Tokens

Digital Rights Management

Private Share
Development for Tokens

Booking/Rent for Tokens

Digital Rights Management

Private Share
These are the industries where private blockchain systems work best. These are the industries our experts are researching, analyzing and studying on a concurrent basis to offer the fresh insights and relevant suggestions.

Even though the majority of blockchain platforms suitable for the development are free and open-source, the process of development is costly because the engineers face uncommon problems demanding them to move off the beaten track.

Ensuring the end-to-end development of private blockchain networks, we're nurturing the creativity and resourcefulness among our professionals to deliver the best result in the shortest time. We've adapted the holacracy — a method of decentralized management and organizational governance to inspire proactivity and focus on the result.

Face-to-face meetings matter and we take steps to make them possible all across the globe. Being headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, we currently have the partners representing us in Scandinavia (Stockholm), Asia (Hong Kong) and North America (Toronto).

Scott Douglas
Toronto, Canada
+ 4165225622
We're not developing the permissioned blockchain you want. We're creating the one you need.
Founded in 2010, we (Seductive Mobile prior to Summer 2017) have gained the experience allowing to not merely develop, but to analyze and suggest.

We're used to going the extra mile to make sure that your network is built on the most advantageous framework, the most rational way - that's where our reputation comes from.

Acting as a blockchain development company, we've contributed to such projects as Crypto Improvement Fund, Kepler Collective, SocialMedia.market, and many others.

As a contribution to the rapidly evolving world of the blockchain, we consider important visiting events, hosting them, and spreading the word via the valuable content we publish.

Advance into the smart, blockchain-based future with us.
Contact the seasoned blockchain engineers
Johan Lundin
Stockholm, Sweden
Amirsan Roberto
Hong Kong, China
Helen Pertashchuk
Kyiv, Ukraine
Refinement & Support
Testing, debugging, optimization, problem solving
1 Week
2-3 Weeks
3-4 Months
Not determined
Suggestions on the overall expediency of the project, price and timeframe assessment
Roadmap, user stories, UML diagrams, solution architecture documentation, project plan, detailed price assessment
Source code, API documentation, software betа
Fully operational software,
24/7 support
2-5 presale calls with tech leads, superficial examination of the project
Preliminary Analysis

Alex Lockshyn