Issue & Sell Tokens in Private or Public Sale
Ensure Security & Compliance
Provide Investors with a Seamless Experience
Increase their Engagement and Сontribution
White Label
All the data is stored on your infrastructure, all identity is reserved for your project, unlike as on platforms.
Feature Rich
During numerous integration we have built up a number of marketing, security and usability features.
Web Wallet solution is a secured cryptocurrency wallet. With the help of the wallet, participants buy tokens and manage them after.

When the campaign is over – store tokens, transfer them to other users or move them to an exchange for further trading.
Highly Customizable
Our system can be suited with any changes and new features needed e.g. smart contracts or 3rd party services.
Our solution has the lowest cost (both upfront and general), with the same features (see report above).
Best Price
Token Generation
You can issue your ERC-20 token and all smart contracts needed for sale. Including stage different timeline and price.
Funds Storage
All collected funds would be transferred straight to your or stored in securely in the encrypted environment.
70+ Payment Methods
We support ETH, BTC, XEM and a number of popular coins through ShapeShift exchange, as well as fiat.
KYC & GDPR Compliant
You can select between manual or automated (Onfido, Synopsis) check. All the personal data is protected.
Mobile Friendly
The app perfectly works on any mobile screen. It can be also installed to the home screen and work without internet.
CRM & Analytics Integration
User profiles and all events can be sent to the CRM (currently Drip) to build advanced communications. Google and Facebook analytics are also included.
Bonuses & Affiliate Program
You can incentivize your investors to purchase earlier and get bonuses for attracting referrals.
The app is professionally translated to 5 languages (english, korean, japanese, mandarin and russian) and you can easily add more.
Bulletproof Contracts
We use smart contracts provided by Zeppelin (best in contracts security) and publicly audited for a long time.
Only You Access Funds
Our system is built in the way that only you have access to the collected funds, without intermediaries.
Anti-DDOS & Load Balance
The app uses Amazon Cloud with all necessary protection and monitoring.
Comes with Support
You can select between manual or automated (Onfido, Synopsis) check. All the personal data is protected.
Mobile App
Built as a Progressive Web App this solution can be installed like an app and work even in the offline mode.
Pool Investors
This feature allows you to dedicate your tokens to the pool managers, so they can sell them further to their audience.
DAO Integration
This is an experimental solution that locks fund under an Aragon DAO and gives access of the funds usage to the community.
API for any Feature
We can easily integrate with the requested 3rd party services after reviewing the API
White Paper Review
We can review tokenomics and product architecture and provide our feedback and recommendations.
Interactive Landing Page
Our investor panel look simple, but in order to layout marketing information we can create a colorful front page.
Consulting & Tech Architecture
If you don't have a CTO or need some specific blockchain expertise we can help with that.
Product Development
For or after ICO we can help with delivering a proof of concept or even putting a dedicated team for your product.
Basic Version
For white label solution with your smart contracts, your branding and installment. Excludes cloud hosting costs (~$500/mo.)
$9 990
One-time, no fees
Tech Support 24/7
We dedicate some of engineering power for monitoring and quick reaction in cases of any hacking or unforseen problems.
$490 per Week
Customer Support
We dedicate a customer support specialist to answer on all question of the investors that can occur during the usage of the platform.
$290 per Week
Package 1
Includes Basic
1 Month Tech Support

$11 400
7% discount
Package 2
Includes Basic
2 Months Tech Support

$13 250
Package 3
Includes Basic
2 Months Tech & Customer Support

$14 400
10% discount
Tech review of the White Paper
15% discount
Working in the software development field since 2010, we've made a contribution into a great variety of projects of some of the biggest names in the world.
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