ICO platform may get you trapped

You have money and there are plenty of those who would like to take them from you giving nothing in return. Learn how to prevent that in our free e-book.
What is inside?

Revealing the ICO engine cornerstones, our experts give you the information the majority will never get the access to.

You learn how much the ICO platform costs for the development company, how much should pay for it you, why free options aren't worthwhile and what are the topics the conversation with the sales manager has to address.

You can't launch the ICO without understanding its technical side. Nor can you make a good platform purchase without knowing its approximate cost. This e-book revealed me what I just couldn't find elsewhere. It shows exactly what is behind the scenes.
Egor Volotkovich
Co-founder winstars.io
Who is this book for?
For you, if you're planning to launch an ICO project, invest in one or are just interested in the topic.
What you pay for it?
Nothing. It's totally free.
Who wrote this?
Folks that created their own ICO platform and helped to launch half a dozen of crowdfunding projects. Folks that know what they're talking about.
When you get it?