Webinar: Technical Details
of the ICO
Wednesday 21 March, 2018 - EST 12 pm - GMT 4 pm
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Around 800 ICOs are planned for 2018. Some are run top-tier specialists, some are scams from the start. But the majority in between are the entrepreneurs from other sectors of IT or economy at all. While business aspects of the ICO are covered widely, the more technical and specific questions are usually left to the expensive direct projects consulting.

We'll try to cover the typical questions and challenges we deal with and take a look under the hood of ICOs platforms and investor cabinets.
Max Semenchuk
Partner @ 4IRE labs
  • Business requirements to the Investor Cabinet
  • Token economics
  • Distribution & vesting
20 mins
Kirill Kirikov
Blockchain Engineer @ 4IRE labs
  • ICO Architecture / Infrastructure
  • Crowdsale logic
  • Security issues
20 mins
Questions and Discussion
20 mins
Get the recording and slides of the webinar