Webinar: Permissioned Blockchain for Enterprise and Consortia
Thursday 22, 2018 - EST 12 pm - GMT 5 pm
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We'll take a deeper look at a different approach to maintaining data privacy and explain the meaning of a permissioned blockchain and why is it called permissioned.

The webinar is suited for enterprises, which are seeking to put in place business process automation or to accomplish very specific business problems. From a tech perspective, we'll dive deeper into the existent permissioned blockchain solutions and specification in integration.
Max Semenchuk
Partner @ 4IRE labs
Business context of permissioned blockchain
  • Benefits of using permissioned blockchain in the enterprise and consortia
  • Use cases: asset management, crossbank, registry, supply chain
  • Specific needs: performance, mining, security issues
20 mins
Alex Lockshyn
Blockchain Engineer @ 4IRE labs
Overview of the existent permissioned blockchain solutions:
  • Hyperledger
  • Eth based: Quorum, Ethermint / Tendermint / Cosmos Network
  • Monax
  • Microsoft
  • Misc: Ripple / Stellar
20 mins
Questions and Discussion
20 mins
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