Blackchain: P2E Game Development
NEAR-Powered NFT Marketplace
Check out the case study of our collaboration with a US-based company aimed to streamline its blockchain-based NFT marketplace’s launch.
Hash Rush
Learn more about HashRush - a blockchain game where you can create your mine colonies, battle monsters and trade resources in the fictional galaxy.

Client Testimonials

Johan Lundin, Founder of Agendo App
business partners
Corda Use Case for a Blockchain-Based Application
Read the case study where we share our team's experience and key takeaways from using the Corda blockchain solution for a recent healthcare application project.
Contractland: Decentralized Exchange
Decentralized exchanges allow traders to transfer their money more securely. Learn how we helped with an architecture vision and the development of the Terra Bridge protocol.
Kidcoin: Blockchain-Powered Family Finances
Read how 4ire Labs collaborated with Kidcoin to develop the first blockchain-based family finance and digital wallet for kids.