Professional ICO Platform

White-label investor dashboard & smart contracts for token sales
Your coin will be exchangeable with over 70 cryptocurrencies and fiat money
You get the fully functional base version in under 10 business days
High-quality technical support prior and after the launch
Comprehensive marketing and analytical tools
Effective hacking protection
Inbuilt KYC and AML mechanisms

Buy Tokens

  • Token generation and crowdsale smart contracts (ICO stages, soft / hard cap, discounts)
  • Accept ETH, BTC
  • Accept other coins via ShapeShift
  • Manual deposits (e.g. from bankwire)
  • Account - sign in with email and password, password recovery, auto-logout, Transaction History
  • Whitelists
  • KYC provider integration (Onfido or sumsub)
Marketing Ready

  • Multi-level Referral program
  • Analytics - Facebook Pixel / Google analytics
  • Server monitoring and alerting
  • DDoS protection (Cloudflare)
  • UI Themes: White-label solution with customizable design


ICO investor platform with the admin panel
Presale Whitelist
Referral Program
Investor reports
Exchanges integration
Smart contract
Fiat and over 70 coins
Crypto wallet
Integration with ad platforms

Everything you get with the Base plus:

Design and integration with the landing page
Whitepaper writing / editing
Technical support with server infrastructure
Tech consulting and review
ICONX customers
ICONX core team
Bohdan Malkevych
5+ years iOS Engineering, Backend and Blockchain. Teaches courses and doing researches on crypto
7+ years dev-experience, managing engineering teams (up 40 employees), +3 years in Product Management. 2+ years experience in AI/ML. In 2014 Founded own company in Finland. Contributed to Quorum development for JP Morgan
9+ years dev experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists) + 5 years iOS dev, released more than 50 mobile apps. Worked on software for Chrysler cars.
10+ years in UX/UI and 7+ years Product/Project Management, CEO of, mentor Happy Farm, Bionic University, Technation incubators.
Want to have a closer look at the ICONX?
Let's arrange an interactive demo. Let's talk about ICO budget and discuss whether or not you need a multilevel key encryption. Let's consider multisig, DDoS threats, SSL. Let's make sure you know what you're doing.