Eliminate the pain points in your IT operations
by using our decade-long expertise.

Our Expertise

For over 10 years we have been developing fintech products and solutions for various businesses: from startups to financial companies. We also work in the development of blockchain solutions for the financial sector, including exchanges and trading infrastructures, multi-signature wallets. The high efficiency of our solutions is achieved through thorough market analysis.

Tech Discovery
We are ready to help with any project based on the latest technologies: from setting up or revising an existing system to creating a new one from scratch. Our team of architects and business analysts with colossal experience will help you find the right solution for your project.
Business Consulting
Our business consulting services will help you strategically adapt to today's marketplace. Optimization and automation of your business processes can help you minimize or prevent poor decisions in your business. We are introducing business changes based on the active use of new technologies.
CTO as a Service
We help Fintech companies of all sizes optimize their IT strategy and identify the issues related to business processes. We offer expert advice on selecting an optimal tech stack, detecting potential risks, and solution development.
Design Sprint
Design Sprint is an innovative way to validate ideas and find the solutions to challenges your product might face. It helps quickly enter the market creating new products or improving existing ones in a matter of days.


We have extensive experience working in banking, Green Finance, Fintech, and DeFi. Our team includes experts who collaborated with Mastercard and helped launch neobanks. 4ire Labs is also an official integrator of NEAR Protocol and Chromia blockchain. Our experience, combined with years of domain knowledge, sets 4ire Labs apart from other consulting companies. First, we increase the efficiency of the company and the individual productivity of each of our employees.

The services provided by our company include analysis and assessment of the business processes, consulting on a wide range of issues related to both the activities of the client company and the market as a whole, enterprise audit, and strategic planning.

One of the most effective tools for optimizing business processes is the use of modern information technologies. Our IT consulting is a service that will help you make an independent assessment of the effectiveness of the technologies used. Both a comprehensive analysis of IT solutions and an assessment of individual areas can be carried out. With the help of our specialists, you can:
  • identify vulnerabilities in the created IT infrastructure;
  • select the optimal server hardware and software;
  • customize software products for solving specific business problems;
  • automate the processes of management, production, reporting, information exchange, etc.;
  • optimize document flow; provide reliable data storage;
  • improve information security and protect your company from unauthorized data leakage.
The Chief Technology Officer is responsible for leading the technical team, determining the technological needs, short-term and long-term goals of the firm. CTO also helps to manage an organization’s capital investment wisely to achieve business goals. We offer CaaS to help you achieve the following goals:
  • IT strategy to assess the costs and timing of the technologies introduction and development;
  • Expert proposals for your business development platform;
  • Assistance in establishing quality standards for software architectures. This includes coding agreements, documentation requirements, and quality assurance processes early in your project;
  • Technical advice.
A design sprint is a five-day work session that helps a team refine the vision of a product or feature, create a prototype, and test it with real users. Design Sprint helps to quickly launch creative processes in a team and quickly get meaningful results for a project or product. Consider why it is still needed:
  • Unpack the problem and choose the main idea to focus on.
  • Create an idea. You will record all key decisions clearly.
  • You will make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.
  • Create a prototype. Test it. Get feedback from real live users of your prototype.

4ire Labs provides comprehensive IT consulting and services in the field of traditional banking, Fintech, Green Finance, and DeFi. We offer our clients support in the legal activities of a business related to making money on cryptocurrencies. We offer our support and comprehensive consulting to startups, financial service providers, banks, brokers, or exchanges.


Over the years, the company has worked with various clients helping to customize or develop FinTech solutions from scratch.

Our Consulting Process

Strategy & Concept

This initial phase of our communication is critical and we will do our best to provide as much benefit as possible. We will analyze your business plan, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project, assess the market and competition, map the user journey, and set the right course to achieve your goals.

Consulting for your project

Years in software development & consulting
Delivery centers
Finished projects
Trusted partners
Allies in the FinTech Network
12 enterprise clients with annual revenue >$1B

Our Experts

Andrey Klesov

10+ years in FinTech, Software Development and Consulting. CEO and Co-Founder @ MobID, KYC & AML SaaS solution. Ex-COO & Authorized manager at EU-based neo-bank.

Ex-VP Mastercard

Manager Bain & Company.

Gregory Ovsiannikov

10+ years in Sales, FinTech and Consulting. Co-Founder @ MobID, KYC & AML SaaS solution. Ex-VP Credit at EU-based neo-bank. MBA @ Columbia Business School

Manager McKinsey & Company

Anton Vaisburd

Ex-Data Science Manager and Consultant, Ex-Barclays IB analytics, built 30+ FTEs data science consulting team (10k FTEs). Co-founder of Fizmatik (olympiad mathematics for children), 3000+ monthly visitors.

CEO (Y-Combinator)

Our clients

4IRE LABS has displayed a passion for the product since the start of the collaboration. Utilizing tools, they have good project management skills and work hard to carry out any task. The team communicates effectively and are always available.

CEO, Captain Bitcoin
Harsh Jani
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