Rewell: Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn more about why cross-border payments are more complex, involving more risk, and more rules than private payments.
Smart Documents: Blockchain Use Case for Notary
Can blockchain replace notaries public? In this blog post, we discuss how blockchain technology is going to facilitate the notarization process.
Aztec Protocol for financial products
Check out our case study about Aztec Protocol that enables privacy on public blockchains protecting user and business data on Web 3.0.

Client Testimonials

Johan Lundin, Founder of Agendo App
business partners
drop money portfolio
Drop Money: Cross border payment platform
Check out how the 4IRE team built a transparent cross-border payment platform based on blockchain technology.
Design Thinking Workshop: Tribute
Check out how contributive tokens may benefit businesses and the ways organizations can cooperate with communities of contributors in a fair and sustainable way.
cybersecurity case
Improving the Crypto Wallet Authorization Experience
We've made a design sprint around the topic of adoption and usability for the crypto wallets. Our focus was on the wallet creation process, making it more fun and usable specifically.