Kidcoin: Blockchain-Powered Family Finances
Read how 4ire Labs collaborated with Kidcoin to develop the first blockchain-based family finance and digital wallet for kids.
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Contributing to the Aragon Universe
Check out how 4ire Labs created an extension allowing users to determine the course of the Ethereum ecosystem development by voting for EIPs.
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Restaurant Booking & Payment App
Looking for high-quality and affordable mobile app development for restaurants? We share our experience in building an outstanding restaurant booking app.

Client Testimonials

Marco Drost, CEO of Smart Documents
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Rewell: Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn more about why cross-border payments are more complex, involving more risk, and more rules than private payments.
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Blockchain in the Renewable Energy
What is the role of Blockchain in Green Certification? Read more about buying and selling renewable energy credits through blockchain technology.
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Blockchain Use Cases for Notary
Can blockchain replace notaries public? In this blog post, we discuss how blockchain technology is going to facilitate the notarization process.
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