4IRE Labs Is a Top Developer in Kyiv

By Fire Labs Team | Nov 08, 2019

4IRE Labs is proud to be the 2019 recipient of Clutch's Top Developers in Kyiv Award!

top b2b 2019 clutch

We are a small FinTech firm with over 10 years of experience working with a variety of clients in our Kyiv, Stockholm, and Tallinn locations. FinTech is a growing industry that has proven to be less expensive, more secure, and a global market.

With our recent work on Defi, our FinTech work has been supported by multiple governments and paves the way to blockchain's integration into the wider global economy.

In reaction to this award, our CEO, Max Semenchuk stated:

"Currently we are working with big banks like SEB, an Ohman investment company in Sweden. They are very interested in using blockchain technology to provide transparency for the participants."

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Clutch is a B2B platform that uses verified client reviews to provide an unbiased ranking of service firms within the same industry across over 400 categories.

In a recent report, 4IRE labs was listed as a market leader with a proven ability to deliver satisfactory final products and expertise in the field. Without client reviews, Clutch would not be able to provide authentic ratings of firms.

We would like to thank our clients for their reviews. Thanks to our clients we have a near-perfect 4.6-star rating! In our most recent review, a business analyst of a construction app was satisfied with our work and project management.

When asked about the partnership, our client said,

"The 4IRE team did their best to resolve the problems. Their focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction has allowed for organic improvement."

If you would like to see more, take a look at a case study from another client below:

case study recycle chain

For more information, look at our profiles on The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a business educational site that aims to assist the buyer's journey by providing shortlists of top-performing firms across a variety of industries. Additionally, if you want to see past work from a potential firm, take a look at Visual Objects, a visual case study site.

We would like to thank Clutch for their recognition of our work. We understand it can be hard to find a trustworthy FinTech company. Take a look around our website to learn more.

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