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We help innovate solutions using no-code analytics and data science platform. Our AI and ML development offers the widest and most diverse set of services for your company.

Our Expertise in Machine Learning and AI Development

We assist clients in automating business processes. We employ professionals in the field of data science and data analytics. These technologies help analyze past or current data and predict future results in order to make better decisions. Our specialization includes the development of web applications for ML, mobile applications and cloud platforms for the companies of all levels. The mission of 4IRE is to foster effective business processes and help companies adopt innovative technologies through our AI development service.

We know the key to successful AI development

Business Processes Improvement
Smart Decision Making
Product & Service Personalization
Enhanced Customer Service
DevOps Empowerment
Co-Development & Consulting
Business Processes Improvement

With 4IRE AI development service we will help you empower your business with the latest innovative technologies. We will leverage AI, ML and data analytics to improve and optimize the company’s business processes. The goal is to deliver a new, enterprise-wide initiative to improve the productivity of the organization as a whole. To do this, our highly qualified specialists with 10+ years of experience will analyze your business model to detect weaknesses and find the ways for your business to reach a new level.

Smart Decision Making

The 4IRE team of professionals uses innovative technologies such as data analytics and predictive analytics to make a complete analysis of your business operations and boost your business strategy. As a result, our AI development service combines analytical capabilities with industry expertise, operations design capabilities, and technology.

Product & Service Personalization

Leveraging AI development and working with analytics, we tailor products or services to the needs of a specific audience based on data. Our goal is to provide the user with an experience that fully meets their needs, interests and expectations. We help clients use these new technologies in order to facilitate and optimize company operations.

Enhanced Customer Service

AI / ML technology contributes to the improvement of our clints’ customer experience on products and services. The main advantage of AI development service is that it helps to increase profits and improve customer loyalty.

DevOps Empowerment

DevOps is about bringing people, processes, and technology together to deliver continuous value to customers. DevOps helps you coordinate and collaborate to create better, more reliable products. By implementing a DevOps culture along with appropriate methodologies and tools, teams are empowered to better respond to customer needs. You can also increase the credibility of the applications you create and achieve your business goals faster.

Co-Development & Consulting

The aim of our company is to advise to help the client make progressive changes in his business. Our experts with many years of experience will help to identify and solve specific technical problems and aspects of organizational change.

The main task of our company is to identify and find solutions to existing problems using modern AI technologies, ML development and data analytics.

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Our products for Fintech

Low-code ML SaaS platform (ESTONIA)

Datrics offers ready-to-use and easy-to-deploy ML applications to automate specific business processes even for non-specialists in machine learning.



MOB-ID is mobile-first remote KYC and transaction monitoring SaaS in RegTech/ FinTech. It helps improve customer onboarding conversion rates and cost savings up to 2x vs. similar solutions through combination of cutting-edge technology and human-machine collaboration. MOB-ID is a member of Fintech Helsinki and gold winner of tempo grant by the government of Finland.

Our clients

“We appreciate their strong commitment to the success of the final product!”
Their involvement has taken the product from an MVP stage all the way to production standard. It’s already gotten solid market feedback. 4IRE labs is a transparent vendor that’s great at tackling highly-technical subjects and creating practical solutions.

Cecilia Repinski
Director Stockholm Green Digital Finance ( Sweden)

“We are very happy with our team and our outcomes.”
4IRE LABS delivered excellent results. They maintained an effective workflow, and their team integrated seamlessly with that of the client. Their flexibility, availability, and accessibility are all second to none. The only challenges had to do with occasional language barriers.

Anders Ingårda

“I am just overall very impressed with the quality of the project, and how professional it is.”
Every single person the company presented the demo to was amazed by the project. The team was highly skilled and walked the company through every step of the process in order to set up the proper configuration. The team quickly fixed any bigs discovered after the launch of the demo.

William Rittmeyer

“Our cooperation allowed us to implement our client’s project fast and efficiently.”
4IRE LABS’ skilled architects buttressed the internal team sufficiently, allowing the client to deliver on time. The end-customer was pleased with the solution. They followed an established structure while maintaining an impressive level of flexibility. They’re experienced and highly responsible.

Dima Kovalchuk
Co-Founder & CEO, Blaize

“They always show their best.”
4IRE LABS successfully produced high-quality options before the deadline. They supplied all needed support and resolved issues quickly. Communication and development were handled effectively. The collaboration was effective.

Andriy Khomyn
CMO, bvblogic

“The 4HIRE team felt like an extension of our team and put in the time and hours required.”
4IRE LABS has displayed a passion for the product since the start of the collaboration. Utilizing tools, they have good project management skills and work hard to carry out any task. The team communicates effectively and are always available.

Harsh Jani
CEO, Captain Bitcoin

“The communication was great and easy-going.”
4IRE LABS has helped the client deliver in a timely manner, and they’ve helped ideate and deploy new features. They collaborate seamlessly with the internal team by leveraging various communication tools. They’ve loved to be knowledgeable and are enthusiastic about the projects they take on.

Kristaps Kārlis Vaivods
Co-Founder, VZ Games

“I find it impressive when the developers give insights on best practices for their respective platforms.”
4IRE labs’ updates are being released on a monthly basis with the end goal of matching competitor features. Having worked with the internal team before, they’ve established a strong workflow and communication channels.

Goran Panic
CTO, Male Healthcare Company

“They’re very responsive and open to suggestions.”
4ire Labs has successfully followed Agile methodologies in tandem with the client. Most appreciated has been their ability to translate the client’s vision into a tangible product.

Mark Turrell
Founder, Vork

4ire Labs really impressed me, they were responsive and flexible communicators. They have clear expertise and also have rockstars in design and usability.

Marco Drost
CEO, SmartDocuments

Success stories


Corda Use Case for a Blockchain-Based Application

Read the case study where we share our team's experience and key takeaways from using the Corda blockchain solution for a recent healthcare application project.

April 2021
by Slava Malchenko

Agendo Booking App

Check out how 4ire Labs managed to develop the iOS application for Agendo booking app in Sweden and turned our cooperation into long-term strategic partnership.

March 2021
by Slava Malchenko

Klash: Film Collaboration Platform

Check out how 4iRE team helped to develop the film collaboration platform addressing the challenges of the global film industry and providing effective interaction between all the participants in the film production.

February 2021
by Slava Malchenko


Why 4ire Labs for AI/ML development services?
We provide a full range of ML and AI development services, from the idea validation and gathering of requirements to the implementation and integration of applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our clients can choose both individual services and a strategic partnership with a company, which implies an integrated approach – from detailing requirements to outsourcing.

We use open-source software and our own servers for rapid model deployment. In some cases, the development can be carried out entirely on the customer’s side. It all depends on the specifics of the business and the tasks set.

Data science solutions correspond not only for analyzing a large amount of data but also determine the very approach to processing, sorting, fetching, and searching for new data.
How to enhance the personalization of your product service?
We aim to help companies adjust to ever-changing customer needs with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. These modern technologies help to boost business processes and increase profits from products or services depending on their value to the client's needs. With AI development, we determine the price elasticity boundaries for each product or service and predict the behavior of potential customers. It helps personalize the user experience and estimate technical support costs.
How can data analytics help your business?
With the help of data analytics, we can conduct a thorough audit of your company and build the right business strategy. Analytical reports provide relevant data to make smarter business decisions. From the information you collect, you can select the best practices for lead generation and marketing, customer support, transaction processing, and many more.
What industries do we specialize in?
4IRE provides comprehensive IT consulting and development services in the field of banking, Fintech, Green Finance, and DeFi. Our mission is to help our clients make the most of the latest technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain and stay competitive on the market. We offer our support and comprehensive consulting to startups, financial service providers, banks, or exchanges.

Over the years, the company has worked with various clients helping to customize or develop FinTech solutions from scratch.
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