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We help innovate solutions using modern analytics and a simplified big data platform. Our AI and ML system offers the widest and most diverse set of services for your company.

AI & ML at Fire Labs

Our Expertise

We assist clients in automating business processes. We employ professionals in the field of data science and data analytics. These technologies are valuable because they analyze past or current data and predict future results in order to make informed decisions. Our specialization includes the development of web applications for ML, mobile applications and cloud platforms for all levels of the company. The mission of our company is to create effective business processes, to help companies adopt innovative technologies.

Data Analytics
Our experts with many years of experience will help you expand your business through data visualization. It will help you assess the value of the data on your resource. Data visualization refers to the presentation of information in graphical forms such as a pie chart, graph, or another type of visual representation. We will use these results to raise your company to a new level.
Anomaly Detection
With the help of AI and ML technologies, we can detect anomalies in the database and signs of system failure. Our experts customize the program for your business so that the system automatically detects anomalies in your company system data.
Predictive Analytics
For business processes, predictive analytics can help you improve process efficiency and automate operational solutions. This analytics maximally takes into account the specifics of a particular company.
With personalization, we can automate your business tasks. The main advantage of personalization is real-time analysis of arrays. This function works 24/7, which will give you the opportunity to see a complete marketing analysis of the product and, if necessary, correct all the shortcomings.

What we offer:

Business Processes Improvement
Smart Decision Making
Product & Service Personalization
Enhanced Customer Service
DevOps Empowerment
Co-Development & Consulting
Business Processes Improvement

With our help, innovative technologies will be used. That is, AI, ML and data analytics will be able to improve and optimize the work of the company. The goal is to deliver a new, enterprise-wide initiative to improve the productivity of the organization as a whole. We can improve productivity and safety at work. To do this, our highly qualified specialists with 10 years of experience will analyze business models. It is needed to detect weaknesses, which will be optimized after a full scan. Therefore, with the help of the above technologies, your business will reach a new level.

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4IRE LABS has displayed a passion for the product since the start of the collaboration. Utilizing tools, they have good project management skills and work hard to carry out any task. The team communicates effectively and are always available.

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The professional Solution Architects with proven backghround in FinTech, leading the most innovative Nordic Fintech Startups
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We provide a full range of services, from the development, analysis, formalization of requirements to the implementation and integration of applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Our clients can choose both individual services and a strategic partnership with a company, which implies an integrated approach – from detailing requirements to outsourcing.


For work, we use open source software and our own servers for rapid deployment of models with further deployment at the customer. In some cases, the development of models can be carried out entirely at the customer’s site. It all depends on the specifics of the business and the tasks set.


Data science solutions correspond not only for analyzing a large amount of analytics but also determine the very approach to processing, sorting, fetching and searching for new data.


The main value of data science and data analysis is that it is often difficult for the human brain to discern patterns where a machine can easily find them. For this, our company is working in this direction to help various business areas to reach a new level.

We work in such a way as to adapt the business to the capabilities of the audience with modern technologies of artificial intelligence, ML and analytics. These technologies help to adapt the business, including changing the price of goods or services depending on their value to the client and his ability to buy them. Machine learning is able to take into account supply, demand and determine the price elasticity boundaries for each product or service.


Also, our specialists are working to create relevant content. With our help, ML technology can show each visitor a version of the site that fully grabs their attention and is more likely to lead to targeted action.


And of course, with the help of our highly qualified specialists and ML technology, we work to predict the behavior of potential buyers.

ML predicts when and why a potential client will contact a company. This helps us to personalize the user experience and plan for technical support costs.

With the help of data analytics, we work effectively and help to better plan a business strategy.


Our experts work to tailor your company. The first step in analytics work is reporting. Data analysis provides us with relevant information to make informed business decisions. This method is one of the most commonly used by our team for data analysis.


We also carry out advanced analysis. It helps us analyze the data a little more broadly. Using this technology, our specialists will get a relationship in data that could not have been seen before. In this way, we predict where the most valuable customers are and how they choose products. In short, with the help of data analysis, we conduct a thorough audit of your company.

We have created a modern data security system using artificial intelligence.


Let’s consider our principles of effective implementation of information security systems for your data.


Confidentiality. We work to maintain effective controls to ensure that company data, assets and information are adequately secured. With the help of AI, our specialists have developed a secure system for transmitting information in any format, where confidentiality support is mandatory.


Also, our security controls and ensures the internal and external consistency of information. This technology helps to eliminate the possibility of data corruption at any stage of business operations.

We specialize in industries like Blockchain. Using this technology, an organization or financial institution will be able to provide customers with the most transparent and effective products.


Also, we are a FinTech software company. We offer customized financial solutions for FinTech and DeFi.


We also provide platforms for tokenization. With the advent of blockchain technology in our lives, the crypto industry offers the broadest opportunities for investing in assets. Tokenization, as a way to digitize an asset, is becoming a breakthrough in many business sectors.

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