Helen Petrashchuk, partner
Helen started her career in Ministry of Economics in 2013 and then shifted from being an economist to the specialist in IT industry.

From the very beginning, Helen was a resource that encouraged growth and sales in all companies she worked. She is excellence not only with the way she communicates with the clients but also as an expert in the IT sphere with a good understanding of a business growth. After living in Europe and understanding all particulars of running an own business in Europe for more than 4 years, she's got a good understanding of the business issues before starting any kind of projects/ companies.

Her strong background in business, government contracting, finance, project management gives her the ability to continually think outside the box when it comes to providing solutions for business owners or founders of incoming startups.

She joined 4IRE labs in April 2016 for a position IT Project Manager. Helen went go the extra mile to Account Director and always makes sure all her clients are happy with the services provided by 4IRE labs.

I hold knowing that I will always find a way to put others before myself and maintain a standard of excellence that isn't always easy to find in today's workforce. I always make our clients feel like as they are first priority no matter how many other customers I have tended to on any given day.
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