Alex Lockshyn, blockchain engineer
Expert in #permissioned blockchain, #architecture


Alex was fascinated by video games and game development and thus started creating software products (from games to security exploits) back in high school.

Created shit load of commercial web products as an engineer, product and project manager starting from mid 00s. He was lucky enough to work within broad range of domains and with a variety of different technologies.

Become impressed by Python/Ruby developers productivity in late 00s and became CTO in Railsware, consultancy shop specialized on Ruby/Rails development of modern B2B and B2C apps.

Also Alex managed medium to large engineering organization (40+ people) in Innovecs in 2013. Working on educational, e-commerce, healthcare, logistics products. But got bored and decided to pursue something smaller and more product-driven.

He also worked as a product manager and engineering teams leader in a few start-ups related to online advertising industry, including Madberry that I co-founded in late 2014.

I am not afraid of experimenting and inventing non-standard yet intuitive solutions respecting deadlines and technical limitations...

I am focused on getting things done, however I always try to find right balance to reach tactical goals without sacrificing strategical ones.
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