About us
4IRE Labs (former Seductive Mobile) was established in 2010. Within a few years, we made the way from a nameless startup to one of the leaders of the mobile app development industry.

Investigating the area, we've created a sheer number of reliable and effective products and accumulated precious knowledge on the related topics.

Subsequently, we entered the blockchain field with our own solid vision on the technology. We came up with a collection of featured algorithms and platforms and we were glad to see them proving demanded.

Now, we're in the search of what is to come to the IT world. It's not a pure profit is what we're interested in. Innovation, progress, evolution - these are the words ruling our policy. The same words drive our team whose core is:
10+ years in UX/UI and 7+ years Product/Project Management, CEO of seductive-mobile.com, mentor Happy Farm, Bionic University, Technation incubators.
9+ years dev experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists) + 5 years iOS dev, released more than 50 mobile apps. Worked on software for Chrysler cars.
4+ years in Business Development /Sales/ Marketing/Managing teams/Project Management. Worked on own business project in EU, good at systemizing business processes and development, communication with clients
7+ years dev-experience, managing engineering teams (up 40 employees), +3 years in Product Management. 2+ years experience in AI/ML. In 2014 Founded own company in Finland.
Context & Goals

As the World Economic Forum states, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about to begin. Artificial intelligence, biotech, blockchain - it all changes the economic landscape. New financial systems, new organization models, new industries.

The 4IR inspires us to create. And that's why our company bears this name. As IT experts, we feel responsible for approaching the birth of this new brave world and our lab does the very best to not let it down.
Principles & Values

We believe that team is the most valuable resource and teal organization is the way to get the maximum out of it. We support next principles:

  • Self-organized teams – information transparency, agile/scrum methodology

  • Purposefulness – delivering quality product to the clients while moving toward our own global aim

  • Personality – work is the way to express oneself; it must be facilitated by safety, freedom and friendship
Working since 2011, we've finished over 200 projects.

Our clients come from the US, the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Canada.

The companies who we dealt with include: Samsung, Mastercard, Hyundai, McDonalds, P&G, Unilever, BASF, Syngenta.

Sharing our experience, we're holding webinars, arranging meetings, writing for our blog and using many other ways to interact with people from across the globe.

We're at the leading edge of the information technologies. And we know exactly how to take you here.
Got the questions! Simply email us and we'll get in touch with you within one business day.