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Custom Solutions Development
4IRE team helps to develop better, bolder, and smoother fintech software and complex financial platforms that will position you among the industry leaders. We deliver a full-scale custom solutions development, underpinned by the latest tech innovations in the financial sector, and bring in our deep domain expertise as a trusted financial software development partner. Implementing technological change, whilst ensuring the security of your information request technical expertise, trusted solution architecture, proven design methodologies, and real-life experience, our experienced Solution Architects can provide you with expert design services and independent advice which will ensure your business stays agile without compromising on security.
Financial Software Development
Developing and supporting the most innovative blockchain solutions for Sustainable Finance industry.
Assets Tokenization
Having an extensive blockchain background, our specialists work with any standards of tokens and help clients with tokenization of their assets.
DApp Development
Working with the most secure cloud solutions and infrastructure to create transparent decentralized applications.
Ideas Validation
Creating, testing and validating innovative ideas for SMEs and Enterprises within 5 business days. It helps startup founders and product managers with faster product validation.
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Blockchain development, Fintech
GAW portfolio
Green Assets Wallet
Blockchain development, Fintech
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Blockchain development
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Smart Documents
Blockchain development
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"We appreciate their strong commitment to the success of the final product!"
Their involvement has taken the product from an MVP stage all the way to production standard. It’s already gotten solid market feedback. 4IRE labs is a transparent vendor that’s great at tackling highly-technical subjects and creating practical solutions.

Cecilia Repinski
Director Stockholm Green Digital Finance ( Sweden)

"We are very happy with our team and our outcomes."
4IRE LABS delivered excellent results. They maintained an effective workflow, and their team integrated seamlessly with that of the client. Their flexibility, availability, and accessibility are all second to none. The only challenges had to do with occasional language barriers.

Anders Ingårda

"I am just overall very impressed with the quality of the project, and how professional it is."
Every single person the company presented the demo to was amazed by the project. The team was highly skilled and walked the company through every step of the process in order to set up the proper configuration. The team quickly fixed any bigs discovered after the launch of the demo.

William Rittmeyer

"Our cooperation allowed us to implement our client's project fast and efficiently."
4IRE LABS' skilled architects buttressed the internal team sufficiently, allowing the client to deliver on time. The end-customer was pleased with the solution. They followed an established structure while maintaining an impressive level of flexibility. They're experienced and highly responsible.

Dima Kovalchuk
Co-Founder & CEO, Blaize

"They always show their best."
4IRE LABS successfully produced high-quality options before the deadline. They supplied all needed support and resolved issues quickly. Communication and development were handled effectively. The collaboration was effective.

Andriy Khomyn
CMO, bvblogic

"The 4HIRE team felt like an extension of our team and put in the time and hours required."
4IRE LABS has displayed a passion for the product since the start of the collaboration. Utilizing tools, they have good project management skills and work hard to carry out any task. The team communicates effectively and are always available.

Harsh Jani
CEO, Captain Bitcoin

"The communication was great and easy-going."
4IRE LABS has helped the client deliver in a timely manner, and they've helped ideate and deploy new features. They collaborate seamlessly with the internal team by leveraging various communication tools. They've loved to be knowledgeable and are enthusiastic about the projects they take on.

Kristaps Kārlis Vaivods
Co-Founder, VZ Games

"I find it impressive when the developers give insights on best practices for their respective platforms."
4IRE labs' updates are being released on a monthly basis with the end goal of matching competitor features. Having worked with the internal team before, they've established a strong workflow and communication channels.

Goran Panic
CTO, Male Healthcare Company

"They're very responsive and open to suggestions.”
4ire Labs has successfully followed Agile methodologies in tandem with the client. Most appreciated has been their ability to translate the client's vision into a tangible product.

Mark Turrell
Founder, Vork

4ire Labs really impressed me, they were responsive and flexible communicators. They have clear expertise and also have rockstars in design and usability.

Marco Drost
CEO, SmartDocuments
Official integrators of Near Protocol

4ire Labs is a blockchain development company with extensive experience in migrating projects to NEAR – a next-generation layer 1 protocol for independent powering of the emerging Open Web.Offering scalability and low costs of operation, NEAR is a real competitor in the world of blockchain. Due to its sharded nature, it presents significant advantages in terms of smart contracts performance and payment processing compared to Ethereum 2.0.We are official NEAR integrators and our deep expertise is what you need if you consider moving to NEAR blockchain.

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Official integrators of Near Protocol

Our Open Source Projects

Ethereum Signal Aggregator
Connecting EVM-based Networks
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Digital Banking
FinTech solutions for Enterprise and Startups

We offer solutions for startups, FinTech companies, banks, brokers, and exchanges, thus, the client can focus directly on business and strategy without overspending.

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GAW portfolio
Transforming the Green Finance With Blockchain
Read about the role of 4ire Labs team in GAW project implementation and integration of Chromia blockchain.
Corda Use Case for a Blockchain-Based Application
Read the case study where we share our team's experience and key takeaways from using the Corda blockchain solution for a recent healthcare application project.
agendo app preview
Agendo Booking App
Check out how 4ire Labs managed to develop the iOS application for Agendo booking app in Sweden and turned our cooperation into long-term strategic partnership.
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Core team
Andrii Klesov
10+ years in FinTech, Software Development and Consulting. CEO and Co-Founder @ MobID, KYC & AML SaaS solution. Ex-COO & Authorized manager at EU-based neo-bank. Ex-VP @ Mastercard and Manager @ Bain & Company.
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