Blockchain Integration
Blockchain or distributed ledger is new way of storing and sharing info between players who don't fully trust each other.
Supply Chain Management
  • E-Commerce / Wholesale
  • Delivery platform
  • Logistics
  • Production

Decentralization can improve margins and decrease IT costs, improve secureness and robustness of your database. Audits would be much easier and you can introduce additional value by opening your data.

Such solutions are possible with the private blockchains. They combine benefits of public blockchain with a custom set of permissions suitable for your business.

Identity Management
  • Digital SME's in Europe
  • E-commerce / Magento shops
  • Fintech services
  • Healthcare services
Identity management in the blockchain brings 2 main benefits. First one is in establishing immutable wide used database with personal data. It can be used for trust or medical records or anything you can imagine.

Other use case lies in the compliance with the personal data regulation (like GDPR). If you need a transparent system, where user has control over his data, and you need to have an audit procedures – blockchain would be such a secure solution.

  • Corporate procurement
  • Government tenders
  • Open markets
  • Consortium
The implications of blockchain to procurement and supplier management may be highly significant. It hold enormous promise, with a wide array of applications possible. Smart contracts can self-verify their own conditions and self-execute by releasing payment to the appropriate party.

Order validation and approval, invoice processing, multi-way matching and the entire request-to-receipt process could be radically enhanced.
Custom Services
Private Blockchain

A private blockchain has an access control layer built into the protocol. This means the network participants have control over who can join and participate in the consensus process of the blockchain. We support Hyperledger and Quorum.
Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer protocols intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. We can provide Smart Contracts Development & Audit in Solidity.

Ðapp is an abbreviated form for decentralized application. A Ðapp has its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. We can develop web or mobile applications on demand.
Case Studies

Hive Online

The financial trust platform for Scandinavian small business enterprises that builds confidence and incorruptible transparent network between customers and vendors.

Hiveonline was presented to IMF and G20. Project was supported and sponsored by Danish government.

More: Project website

RecycleChain is an open market for recyclables. Core of the system is the blockchain database, that's stored and synced between all users. It will hold next data:
• Amount, type and price of waste in possession of each player
• Ownership transactions in a form of smart contracts
• Trading balance in the internal blockchain currency (cryptocurrency)

More: Whitepaper

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